Muddy York Brewing Releases Puffy Lux Pale Ale

TORONTO, ON – Muddy York Brewing has announced the release of “a super fresh and hazy beer with all new hops.”

Puffy Lux Pale Ale (5.2% abv):

Brewed with excessive amounts of Zamba and Citiva hops this pale ale is bursting with aromas of ripe candied mango, Juicy Fruit gum, stone fruit and fresh tangerine. Puffy Lux is as soft as your brand new, just delivered mattress in a box (the one you didn’t want to return), your favourite fluffiest pillow, with your softest worn-in sheets.

Puffy Lux is available now in the Muddy York retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Muddy York Brewing

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