Galaxie Craft Brewhouse Now Open in White Rock, BC

WHITE ROCK, BC – A new space-themed brewery has blasted off in White Rock, a small city 45 km south of Vancouver on the coast of Semiahmoo Bay.

Galaxie Craft Brewhouse has been founded by Lisa and Doug Card, with help from their daughter Hailey and son Dawson, and was born out of Doug’s homebrewing adventures as described on the brewery website:

Doug’s brewing journey had humble beginnings. Starting in the garage with homemade coolers, propane burners, pots and kettles from the kitchen, and chilling coils attached to the garden hose. Packaging was done using 1L Howe Sound flip top bottles picked up by Craigslist sellers all over Greater Vancouver. Enjoying the hobby so much he eventually talked Lisa into letting him buy some commercial brewing equipment and the rest is history!

The Galaxie taproom officially opened late last week, and launched with nine beers on tap including Nebulous Hazy IPA (6.3% abv), Hailey’s Comet White IPA (4% abv), Atomic Bomb Hazy Ale (5.6% abv), Lite Year West Coast IPA (5.5% abv), Blue Moon Blueberry Ale (5.25% abv), Interstellar Pale Ale (4.5% abv), Blackhole Chocolate Stout (4% abv), Zero Gravity Lime Radler (5% abv), and Luna Landing Lager (5% abv).

Galaxie Craft Brewhouse is located at 1122 Vidal St. in White Rock, and is open from 12:00 noon daily. For more details, see the Galaxie website and Instagram page, and profile article from Peace Arch News.

Source: Peace Arch News
Photo: Galaxie Craft Brewhouse

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