Sawdust City Brewing and Malivoire Winery Release The Big Pink Ontario Grape Ale

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the release of its latest collaboration with Malivoire Winery.

The Big Pink Ontario Grape Ale (6.6% abv):

We start this brew off with 600kg of uncrushed Ontario merlot grapes, which go through a process called carbonic maceration in the fermenter, before we add 10hL of unhopped Princess Wears Girl Pants Hoppy Belgian Ale wort. The natural yeast found on the grape skins begins to work on this juice/wort blend, which we then allow to slowly ferment over the course of a few months. Once primary fermentation is complete, we then blend in some kettle sour beer to add some tartness and complexity. What you are left with is this immensely refreshing wine/beer hybrid. Pouring an absolutely stunning pink, aromas of strawberry and lemon leap from the glass. On first sip, the fruitiness comes through while a gentle tartness carries through the middle. A high effervescence livens the body and makes this unique ale insanely drinkable.

The Big Pink is available now at the Sawdust City retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Sawdust City Brewing

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