The Naked Collective So.Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer Now Available in Canada

NIAGARA FALLS, ON – A non-alcoholic beer brand described as “the only beer with benefits” is now available in Canada.

So.Beer was developed by The Naked Collective (TNC), a “carbon neutral start-up beverage company” from Ireland that works with local producers to make and distribute its drinks in various countries.

For the Canadian market, TNC has partnered with Blackburn Brewhouse in Niagara Falls, where they are brewing So.Beer Refresh (0.3% abv) and So.Beer Grapefruit (0.3%), two alcohol-free lagers described as follows:

Unlike most non-alcoholic beers, So.Beer is purpose brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic. It retains all of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from the brewing process, plus the addition of TNC’s ImmunoBoost Formula, utilizing 250mg of Beta Glucan, which improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as proven in 50 clinical studies.

So.Beer is available in two summer-ready flavours; So.Beer Refresh, a light and refreshing lager with a clean finish and So.Beer Grapefruit, a citrus lager with a zesty finish. Both are perfect for enjoying social times with family and friends at the cottage, in the park or any time or place in place of a traditional beer… just a little more responsibly.

So.Beer Refresh and So.Beer Grapefruit are available now at Sobey’s and associated grocery stores across Canada. They can also be ordered online for nationwide delivery.

Source & Photo: The Naked Collective

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