Bellwoods Brewery Releases A DIPA We Made With Phantasm

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of a new collaboration with New Zealand’s Garage Project.

A DIPA We Made With Phantasm (8.8% abv):

Derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes, Phantasm is a powderized product that Jos Ruffel (also cofounder of Garage Project) worked to create. It’s naturally high in thiols, just as hops are, and these chemical compounds serve to enhance citrusy and/or tropical hop aromatics in beer. We were invited by GP to utilize Phantasm and report back on our findings, so consider this latest DIPA a form of sensory evidence! In it, we were able to boost the Mosaic and Motueka hops to new heights, depths, and dimensions.

A DIPA We Made With Phantasm is available now at both Bellwoods retail stores and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Bellwoods Brewery

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