Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Releases Quartet of Cans

EDMONTON, AB – Blind Enthusiasm Brewing has announced the release of four canned beers from it’s Ritchie Market location.

Nordlichter Barrel-Aged (4% abv):

We took a batch of Nordlichter, our light lager, and put it into Pineau des Charentes barrels for 9 months. Nordlichter Barrel-Aged retains the clean crushability of the original but is now punctuated with subtle red wine notes in the aroma and finish.

Come ACME BRO (5.5% abv):

Come ACME BRO results from the lagerization of fall-favourite BRO in collaboration with our best bro Corey from ACME Meat Market. We’re honored to bring back BRO’s smooth chocolate notes and dark fruit finish for this special centennial collaboration.

Hefteknik (5.5% abv):

Hefteknik is a new take on a collab we did with Brassneck in Vancouver. As before we made a beer with wheat and rye plus German yeast, and added some interesting hops (African Queen and Chinook). The result is lightly bitter, with banana notes but also some melon and spice.

ZestyZee (4.2% abv):

ZestyZee, a German-style wheat ale, is our most popular summer beer. It is unfiltered with traditional banana and spice notes, low bitterness, crisp effervescence, and a gently tart, thirst quenching finish. Super-dry and quaffable, this is the ultimate patio beer.

All four beers are available now at Biera Market, the Blind Enthusiasm online shop, and select beer retailers in Edmonton.

Source & Photo: Blind Enthusiasm Brewing

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