Beer Canada Announces Canadian Beer Day 2021

OTTAWA, ON – Brewery trade organization Beer Canada has announced the 3rd annual edition of a day that is “dedicated to celebrating beer and the thousands of Canadians involved in brewing, selling, delivering, serving – and enjoying – the beverage loved by millions across the country.”

Canadian Beer Day takes place each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – falling this year on October 6th, 2021 – and encourages beer drinkers to take part in “coast-to-coast celebrations at local breweries, pubs, restaurants or at home with loved ones.”

“Beer brings Canadians together, and it’s been a part of our country’s culture and communities for generations,” says Dana Miller, Director, Communications and Engagement for Beer Canada, in a statement. “The last 17 months have been a challenging time for Canadians and businesses, specifically those in the service industry, making beer’s role in bringing friends and family together more important than ever. We hope that Canadians will join us in support of our brewers, restauranteurs, barley farmers and all those connected to beer by raising a glass of your favourite Canadian-made beer on October 6.”

For more details, see the Canadian Beer Day website and social media accounts.

Source & Photo: Beer Canada

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