Godspeed Brewery Launches Tōbetsu Series of Trappist Inspired Ales

TORONTO, ON – Godspeed Brewery has announced the launch of Tōbetsu, a new series that “seeks to strengthen our connection to the varied Trappist ales that first made us wonder about beer’s manifold potential.”

Tōbetsu Blond (6.2% abv):

Tōbetsu Blond is our traditional take on a Trappist Inspired Blond Ale, brewed with specialty sourced, whole cone Saaz hops. Its phenols, ester profile, and layered malt character play in tandem with those noble hops in the forefront to provide notes of clove, baked apricot, and spice.

Tōbetsu Tripel (9.1% abv):

Tōbetsu Tripel is our traditional take on a Trappist Inspired Strong Blond Ale. Incredible malt complexity, bubbly effervescence, and balanced hop bitterness provide ample opportunity to explore this high octane Belgian-style treat. Notes of bright lemon, orange, alongside a floral bouquet and spice sing in unison.

Tōbetsu Blond and Tōbetsu Blond are available now at the Godspeed Brewery retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Godspeed Brewery

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