Henderson Brewing Myth of Permanence Lager Series Continues with Zerostomia Czech Lager

TORONTO, ON – Henderson Brewing has announced the latest release in The Myth of Permanence, a monthly series dedicated to exploring the many styles of lager.

The Myth of Permanence 012: Zerostomia Czech Lager (3.4% abv):

This lager is as close to the Czech Republic as you can get without actually being there. With notes of bready malts, spicy hops and mild grass, this Czech light lager has a sweet middle, followed by a dry, bitter finish.

First released to coincide with the legalization of cannabis in Ontario back in 2018, Zerostomia was developed to be the ultimate thirst quencher and a fighter against dry mouth (xerostomia). Three years later and freshly brewed, it’s still just as refreshing – with or without a joint!

Zerostomia is available now at the Henderson Brewing retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Henderson Brewing mailing list

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