Royal City Brewing Releases Berserker Tart Kveik Ale with Acai & Cherry

GUELPH, ON – Royal City Brewing has announced the release of the latest in its Berserker series of fruited sour ales.

Berserker Tart Kveik Ale with Acai & Cherry (4.7% abv):

Berserker is our dry-hopped kettle sour fermented with Kveik. We’ve taken to cramming it with all sorts of fruits, with alarmingly tasty results. This latest iteration features acai berry and cherry, which provides a nice roundness and depth of flavour to the bright and tart Berserker base – it’s the most complex version we’ve released to date.

In the glass, the beer is dark red, with a beautiful pink cap of foam. Cherry and blackberry aroma burst through with a lemon/lime acidity that refreshes. Bright and fruity, balanced with earthiness and spice.

Berserker with Acai & Cherry is available now in the Royal City retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Royal City Brewing

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