Canadian Brewing Awards 2021 Winners Announced

QUÉBEC CITY, QC – The winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards for 2021 were announced on Saturday September 18th during a ceremony at the Centre des Congrès de Québec, the closing event in a three-day conference that attracted brewers and other industry professionals from across the country.

The Establishment Brewing Company of Calgary was named Brewery of the Year based on the success of its entries in the competition, which included Gold awards for Erlton Street 2.0 Barrel-aged Golden Sour and Funkmorphosis Barrel-aged Belgian Ale, Silver for Ruby, My Dear Barrel-aged Sour with Raspberries, and Bronze for Born To Run Barrel-aged Brett Saison.

Beer of the Year nod was given to Cherry Lambic from Regina’s Rebellion Brewing.

While the full list of winners has not yet been posted online, the livestream of the awards ceremony has been archived on Vimeo, and can be viewed via the embedded video below.

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