Baron Mag Releases “Homebrewing & Industry 2021”

MONTREAL, QC – Quebec-based culture and design website Baron Mag has announced the release of the first English edition in its annual series of “bookzines” focused on the national and international brewing industry.

Homebrewing & Industry 2021 features “52 recipes from brewers in Canada, the USA, France, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, and Iceland” that have been translated from their original appearances in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 issues of the French-language Recettes De Bières & Industrie Brassicole.

Also included are new interviews with “16 breweries and associations (from Canada, the USA, and Ireland) about their challenges in 2021.”

Homebrewing & Industry 2021 is available to order now via the Baron Mag online shop.

Source & Photo: Baron Mag

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