The Establishment Brewing Company Brings Back More Than Rain Czech Dark Lager and Fat Sherpa Robust Porter

CALGARY, AB – The Establishment Brewing Company has announced the return of two limited edition dark seasonals.

More Than Rain Czech Dark Lager (5.6% abv):

In keeping with their origin, this Czech lager is refined, flavorful, and balanced. It sips softer than Germany’s take on the same style and rocks a richer body to boot. As a baseline, Czech brewing practices are among the best. From plan to pour, we kept this brew true to form and adhered to traditional measures and methods wherever possible. We sourced semi-early red-bine Saaz hops from the region formerly known as Bohemia, used water softened through reverse osmosis, and even ordered traditional Czech taps to top things off. These faucets are completely different from the ones you’re used to seeing round these parts. They’re designed to dispense tight, dense bubbles and produce pours to please palates at every level of foam fondness.

Fat Sherpa Robust Porter (5.8% abv):

This beer is our version of a winning Wonka Bar: chocolatey and wrapped in gold, y’all! Its surefooted roasty, toasty malt and rich chocolatey java flavours provide a solid foundation for its subtle sweetness. The touch of floral hops on the finish leaves beer drinkers chasing the thrill of their first sip time and time again. Kinda like cocoa – this beer is perfect for the changing season’s plummeting leaves and dipping temperatures. And, while we suggest you drink it cool, it will warm you from the inside. Allow Fat Sherpa to skillfully guide your taste buds to the brink of altitude-induced delirium.

More Than Rain and Fat Sherpa are available now at the Establishment retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Establishment Brewing

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