Dageraad Brewing Brings Back Lake City Farmhouse Spiced Ale

BURNABY, BC – Dageraad Brewing has announced the return of an autumn seasonal beer that is a personal favourite of brewery founder Ben Coli.

Lake City Farmhouse (5.2% abv):

We had an argument around the brewery about brewing Lake City Farmhouse this year. We’ve moved all of the beers we brew with diastatic yeast (which is to say, brettanomyces or the saison yeast we love) over to our strong 750ml bottles, because they can take the carbonation without exploding. And we’ve been putting out too many 750 ml bottles and they’re not that easy to sell these days.

But Mitch and I miss this beer so badly and we have veto power. It’s brewed with fresh rosemary and sage from my sister-in-law’s garden, and with fennel seed, caraway and black pepper. To me, the aroma is evocative of fall family dinners, of herbed roast chicken cooked by a skilled chef; of falling leaves and cozy sweaters; of competing with my brothers to see who could make my mom laugh hardest.

As a compromise, we made a small batch of this special beer. The term is over-used, but this is emphatically a culinary beer, and is definitely best drunk at the table, ideally with something herbal and rich, so the aroma can complement the spices and the carbonation can scrub the palate clean with each sip.

Lake City Farmhouse is available now at the Dageraad retail store and online shop.

Source & Photos: Dageraad Brewing

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