Eastbound Brewing Releases Festbier German Style Lager

TORONTO, ON – Eastbound Brewing has announced the release of “a perfect fall seasonal that gently leans into the richer malts and warmer ABV.”

Festbier (5.9% abv):

Festbier is a strong German Lager that pours golden honey. Crispy, toasted bread crust and biscuit are underscored with a gentle note of honey that approaches a pretzel bread malt profile. Hopped with Haullertau Mittelfruh, there’s a clean finishing bitterness on the tail of herbal aromatics, spice, and mild red pear. Bringing home a few cans of this will save you hours of decorating your house in blue and white canvas, though having one too many may lead to Google inquiries of where to rent lederhosen in Toronto.

Festbier is available now on tap at the Eastbound brewpub, and in cans at the brewery retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Eastbound Brewing

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