33 Acres Brewing Releases Field 2 / Field 6 Comet IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – 33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of a pair of IPAs that are almost identical, but with one subtle (or perhaps not-so-subtle?) difference.

Field 2 / Field 6 Comet IPA (6.9% abv):

Our friends at Bredenhof Hop Farm set aside an unblended box of Comet from Field 2 and Field 6, grown 2 km apart. Brewed and dryhopped identically, these two unique batches in the 4-pack, Field 2 and Field 6, highlite terroir based on soil differences, land-use history, proximity to riparian waterways and harvest timing. All that said, this is one special Hazy IPA we’re proud of.

Field 2 / Field 6 are available as a mixed 4-pack at the 33 Acres retail store and online shop, and will be in stock at select local private beer retailers starting next week.

Source & Photo: 33 Acres Brewing

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