Sawdust City Brewing and Indie Alehouse Release Wax On & Wax Off Hefeweizens

GRAVENHURST & TORONTO, ONSawdust City Brewing and Indie Alehouse have announced the release of a pair of collaborative hefeweizens.

Wax On Hefeweizen (5.3% abv) and Wax Off Hefeweizen (6% abv):

There is something to discover within everything we do, no matter how mundane. So what is there to discover in fermenting a beer with an open or closed vessel? An age old question that we are thankfully finally trying to answer. With help from our good friends at Lallemand Brewing, we brewed two batches of the same German-style Hefeweizen, one with closed fermentation (Wax On) at Sawdust City, and one with open fermentation (Wax Off) at Indie Alehouse. Is there a difference? Does one have more aroma or different flavours than the other? Which one is better? Try them both and you be the judge!

Wax On is available now at the Sawdust City retail store and online shop. Wax Off will be released tomorrow (Friday Oct 15th) at Indie Alehouse in-person and online.

Source & Photos: Sawdust City Brewing and Indie Alehouse

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