Henderson Brewing Ides Series Continues with Reznikoff & Diabolos Kvass

TORONTO, ON – Henderson Brewing has announced the latest release in its monthly Ides Series of small batch beers, with this month’s edition being inspired by a local ghost story.

Ides of October 2021: Reznikoff & Diabolos Kvass (3.5% abv):

Kvass is a traditional, fermented Eastern-European beverage not often seen in the North American craft beer industry. Unlike regular beer, which uses brewing grain to produce sugar during fermentation, the Kvass uses bread. For this brew, we used rye bread from Blackbird Baking Co.

This light bodied, rye beer has notes of sultana raisins, iced americano and cranberry tea – complimented by a subtle, light smokiness. Bready with a dark fruit sweetness, this low ABV Kvass is truly a breakfast beer if there ever was one!

The beer takes its name from the story of Ivan Reznikoff and Paul Diabolos, two stone masons who worked on the University of Toronto’s University College building in the 1850s, and came to blows over their love of the same woman, leading to one of them dying and reportedly haunting the college. See the full story on the University College website.

Reznikoff & Diabolos Kvass is available now at the Henderson retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Henderson Brewing

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