Halo Brewery Launches Wild Construct Barrel-Aged Series

TORONTO, ON – Halo Brewery has announced the first pair of releases in a new series of barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned beers.

The Wild Construct series has the following back-story:

Back in the before-fore time of September 2019, we started collecting and filling barrels in anticipation of this day. Right now we have fourteen glorious barrels. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but for us, this growing collection of neutral French oak puncheons represents the next step for our family-owned business.

We’re currently aging each barrel for 1-2 years before letting the characteristics of the barrels determine how we blend and what fruits/adjuncts we combine them with before bottle aging them for an additional few months.

The first two releases in the Wild Construct series are Primer (6.3% abv) and Prelude (5.6% abv)

A blend of 2 year aged barrels refermented on yuzu purée, Primer features a complex medley of aromas and flavours. Smells like lemon and honeydew, and tastes like (surprise!) yuzu, pineapple, orange pulp, McIntosh apple and light oak. And, wowza, is it ever tasty.

Prelude is a complex barrel aged beer that was refermented on 200kg of beautifully juicy and painstakingly hand-cut Niagara peaches. Lots of fresh peach vibes and funky goodness in this release. Pairs insanely well with sweet or funky cheeses.

Primer and Prelude are available now at the Halo Brewery bottle shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Halo Brewery

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