Lake of the Woods Brewing Deep 6 Series Continues With Belgian Tripel

KENORA, ON & WINNIPEG, MB – Lake of the Woods Brewing has announced the latest in an annual series of ales that undergo a unique cold aging process before being released.

The Deep 6 project sees a new beer sunk into the brewery’s namesake lake each autumn, and cold conditioned for six months under 20 feet of ice in water with temperatures ranging between 4° and 10° Celsius.

Following last year’s Russian Imperial Stout, this year’s edition is a Belgian Tripel (8.5% abv), which was “deep sixed” on October 18th, 2021:

This unique twist on a Belgian Tripel is finished with Champagne yeast on traditional Trappist Candi Sugar. Brewed with the addition of New Zealand fruit-forward hops that intermingle with the classic Belgian ester-heavy sensory created a complex, smooth beer with a slightly dry finish – we consider this to be the champagne of Lake of the Woods beers!

Deep 6 Belgian Tripel will be released in late spring 2022 in a limited edition of 3300 x 750 ml bottles – 2000 for Kenora, 1300 for Winnipeg. It can be pre-ordered now via the Deep 6 website.

Source & Photo: Lake of the Woods Brewing

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