Trestle Brewing Releases Movin’ To The Country Peach Cobbler Wheat Ale

PARRY SOUND, ON – Trestle Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that is “an ode to one of our favourite tunes by The Presidents of the United States of America.”

Movin’ To The Country Peach Cobbler Wheat Ale (5.7% abv):

We will be the first to admit that when our Brewmaster Matt Lyons came to the rest of the team with the concept for this beer, we were all a little skeptical. It went a bit like this…

”Peach cobbler beer, hmmm, that sounds kinda weird. What will it be like?”

”It’ll be great! Peaches, cinnamon & vanilla. Delicious.”

”Ok, Matt. Go for it!”

Matt, as usual, was right. It really does meld together perfectly with a fluffy body, juicy peachiness, smooth vanilla and subtle cinnamon.

Movin’ To The Country is available now at the Trestle Brewing retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Trestle Brewing

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