Bellwoods Brewery and Beerlab! Release Collaborative IPAs

TORONTO & LONDON, ON – Bellwoods Brewery and Beerlab! have announced the release of a pair of collaborative IPAs.

From Bellwoods – Beerlab! Collab! IPA (7% abv):

We were fortunate to collaborate with Nick and Adil, the hardworking duo at Beerlab! last month, to tackle a delicious IPA recipe (and also withhold top secret ingredient information from one another!).

The IPA recipe each of us brewed features Loral and Mosaic hops, and then for the hell of it we added Mistral without telling them, and they added (we don’t know which variety) without telling us. Are lies and deception a solid foundation for standout beer? The proof is in the pudding and the pudding says yes.

From Beerlab! – Beerwoods! IPA (7% abv):

Working with our friends at Bellwoods, we both wanted to bring some of our favourite hops to the table. We wanted to show our love of Mosaic, and the team at Bellwoods really wanted Loral to shine through. We each agreed to add one more hop to the mix and not share, with each other, what we were adding.

Our version of this beer  is jammed with Sunhigh Peach, bright blueberry, and the classic “Florida” Orange hazy vibe. Oh, the “secret” hop we added was Citra Lupomax.

The new beers are available at the respective brewery retail stores, as well as the Bellwoods and Beerlab! online shops.

Source & Photos: Bellwoods Brewery and Beerlab!

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