Grove Brewing Company Announces Move & Expansion Plans in Kingsville, Ontario

KINGSVILLE, ONGrove Brewing Company has announced plans to move into a new and much larger facility in 2022.

Currently located in an 1800-square-foot space at 12 Main St. in Kingsville, the brewery will be moving its operations to a new 9000-square-foot space at 86 Wigle Ave.

“Our brand is growing to the point where 12 Main St. is no longer practical to operate in,” explains co-owner Jeremy Truax in a statement. “The need to increase storage, update brewing equipment and redesign the production layout has become imperative for us to function.”

In advance of the move, a mural by local street artist DERKZ has been unveiled on the facade of the Wigle Ave. facility, with a design that “memorializes legendary Kingsville stories that are told through The Grove’s beer brands.”

The new Grove Brewing is expected to open in spring 2022.

Source & Photo: Grove Brewing Company

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