Burdock Brewery Releases Small Lager Beer

TORONTO, ON – Burdock Brewery has announced the latest release in its Small Beer Series.

Small Lager Beer (2.9% abv) follows the previously available Small Hoppy Beer, and is described as follows:

The sounds of enjoying this beer start with “Ksssskkchhhunkkkk” and end with “Aaaahhhh yaa… nice.” SLB is our archetype of chill and easy™: mega-refreshing, low-ABV, a little tiny bit hoppy, and a squeaky clean finish. At 2.9% you can enjoy one or two of these little lagers and still accurately file your taxes the next day. Yes, it’s crispy, yes it’s bready and yes, it drinks like its full-strength counterparts.

Small Lager Beer is available now at the Burdock retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Burdock Brewery

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