Bench Brewing Releases Coolship 2021 Spontaneously Fermented Ale

BEAMSVILE, ON – Bench Brewing has announced the first in a new series of spontaneously fermented ales that represent the “apex expression of local terroir and a celebration of our home in the beautiful Niagara Benchlands.”

Coolship 2021:

Our coolship, located in a special room above our Funk Side, was first filled in November 2018. Once full, it was exposed to the night air, allowing it to spontaneously ferment with the naturally occurring microflora from the vineyards, orchards, and fruit farms that surround our brewery. Since then, this special beer has been barrel aged for 3 years before being ready for bottling.

Pouring a brilliant gold, this exceptionally complex ale displays a bright acidity and distinct funk character. Enjoy fresh or cellar to experience even more nuances as it continues to develop for years to come.

Coolship 2021 is available now at the Bench retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Bench Brewing

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