Bellwoods Brewery Releases Three Wood-Aged Beers

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of a trio of beers that “spent the better part of 2021 chilling in barrels or foeders, with brettanomyces, bacteria, or a combo of the two.”

Farmageddon Batch #16 (5.9% abv):

Farmageddon is a foeder aged wild ale that we’ve been brewing, aging, and blending for as many years as we’ve been open. Tart and bright, dry and funky, with notes of cherry blossom, apple skin, crunchy pear, and white grape. It’s a perfect bottle of bubbles to accompany any festive gathering, or winter evening in.

White Picket Fence with Peach (5.7% abv):

White Picket Fence Blended Foeder Saison is another classic Bellwoods mainstay, but one that utilizes a unique blending regimen. We loosely follow a ‘solera-style’ method, where aged beer is pulled from the oak foeders, blended with a small portion of fresh beer, then dry hopped and bottle conditioned. The foeders are topped up with additional beer (and left to further age) on the same day that beer is extracted from them, in a manner not unlike a sourdough starter/mother. And this helps us to maintain a common thread between all the White Picket Fence batches. This one is of course also dosed with peaches, which we find works so harmoniously with the tart and effervescent base beer.

Barn Owl No. 27 (6.1% abv):

The Barn Owl series is a fun one, because every release is a one-off — meaning we don’t retrace our steps or recreate the beers. That gives us freedom to pull beers whenever they taste ready, blend as we see fit, and do away with the notion of a more formal “recipe”. Our vision for No. 27 was simple: the perfect golden sour ale. We started by brewing pale golden ales, fermented them in stainless with a mixed house culture, aged them in oak foeders, and opted to forego a dry hop. The end result is lambic-esque with bright, fruit-forward acidity.

All three beers are available now at both Bellwoods retail stores and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Bellwoods Brewery

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