Royal City Brewing Brings Back Epigraph Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale

GUELPH, ON – Royal City Brewing has announced the return of a seasonal beer with a literary leaning.

Epigraph Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale (6.5% abv):

What’s better than reading a good book with a great beer? Especially this time of year. In fact, we enjoy it so much we made a beer that we think pairs particularly well with such an occasion.

Epigraph is a Belgian ale, brewed with wheat, spiced with bitter orange peel, hopped like an American IPA and fermented with Saison yeast. It’s a complex ale brewed with a nod to Belgium with notes of lemongrass, raw bread dough, honey, lavender and a burst of tropical fruit. This staff favourite is both immensely complex and insanely refreshing.

Epigraph is available at the Royal City retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Royal City Brewing

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