Stonehooker Brewing Brings Back Arriba! Mexican Hot Cocoa Stout and Double Chocolate Milk Stout

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Stonehooker Brewing has announced the return of two strong stouts just in time for Christmas.

Arriba! Mexican Hot Cocoa Stout (8.1% abv):

Our spicy, chocolate stout is packed with spices, hot peppers, and fresh roasted cocoa nibs. A winter warmer if we ever saw one!

Double Chocolate Milk Stout (6.7% abv):

Calling all chocolate lovers! This is the beer version of a hot chocolate. It’s thick, creamy body is the perfect support for the tons of cocoa nibs we added. Roasted malts accentuate the dark chocolate notes.

Both beers are available now at the Stonehooker retail store and online shop.

Source & Photos: Stonehooker Brewing

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