Craft Brewery Workers’ Alliance of Canada Announces Formation

TORONTO, ON – A call has gone out to employees of Canadian craft breweries to join a new organization that is “dedicated to seeing substantive change in our industry.”

The Craft Brewery Workers’ Alliance of Canada (CBWAC) describes itself as follows:

The CBWAC is a collective of brewery workers committed to improving working conditions, promoting equity, and fostering a respectful, collaborative culture throughout our industry. We believe that these changes can best be brought about by building collective power amongst workers in breweries across Canada. Together we are stronger and can change our industry for the better.

Key values and goals of the collective include:

  • Organizing and solidarity
  • Mobilization and capacity building
  • Building community
  • Education and outreach
  • Anti-oppression and workplace justice
  • Solidarity with the international workers’ movement

For more details, see the CBWAC website and pages on Instagram and Twitter.

Source & Photo: Craft Brewery Workers’ Alliance of Canada

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