HYPHA Project Releases Synchrosentient IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – HYPHA Project, a Vancouver collective that “combines beer, art and community to release limited batches in custom cans designed by local artists,” has announced its latest release.

Synchrosentient IPA (6.5% abv):

Synchrosentient IPA is a double-dry hopped Northeast style IPA with a synchronized hop blend of Strata + Citra hops. A bouquet of strawberry + passionfruit + stonefruit + citrus notes come together in the most sentient way.

The packaging for Synchrosentient features artwork by Amanda Smart, who provides the following artist’s statement:

I really like the idea of using twins or triplets as symbolism for connection or different aspects of our own personality. I use the tattoo imagery on the face as personal symbolism for each of the characters, and how we define ourselves with the way we choose to present ourselves.

Synchrosentient is available now at Slow Hand Beer Company, where HYPHA beers are brewed. It can also be found at select private beer retailers in British Columbia, and ordered for home delivery via Beer Van.

Source & Photo: HYPHA Project

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