Blindman Brewing Releases Dwarf Sour Cherry and Strawberry Fruited Saisons

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the 4th annual vintage of an award-winning fruited saison, as well as a new variant for this year.

Dwarf Sour Cherry Fruited Saison (6.1% abv):

This beer is a product of two years worth of work in a complex aging process. It started as barley seed sown and harvested with draft horses pulling antique farming implements, malted by our friends at Red Shed Malting, is brewed with a house blend of mixed-ferment culture, aged in one of our French oak foeders (giant wooden fermenting vessels) for one year, then refermented on whole dwarf sour cherries for another 309 days! The result is an incomparable symphony of familiarity and complexity. The pleasant but sharp tartness gives way to a blend of cherry pie, oak, and lightly sweet flavors with a puckering and dry finish, and a healthy dose of funk throughout.

Strawberry Fruited Saison (6.8% abv):

Using some of the original Saison from our beloved foeders and over 250kg of strawberries, we decided to give Dwarf Sour Cherry a delicious sister. Ask our brew crew how much fun prepping 250kg of fruit is. While it may have been their least favorite brewery task of 2021, they all agreed upon the first sip that it was worth every minute.

Both beers are available now at the Blindman taproom and online store, and select beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photos: Blindman Brewing

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