Cameron’s Brewing Releases Ferme Ta Gueule Foedre Aged Brett Saison

OAKVILLE, ON – Cameron’s Brewing has announced a new limited edition beer that has spent 18 months aging in an oak foedre before being released.

Ferme Ta Gueule (8.2% abv)

Ferme Ta Gueule (French for Shut Your Mouth) explores the subtler notes of a French Saison, playing with natural mixed fermentation within a foedre. The first thing you see is the hazy golden hue and then the real gem is a flavour-mosaic of multiple yeast strains and Brett flavours that make this special ale so unique. The live wood of the foedre imparts a Brett forwardness and a slight lactic touch with a showcase of woody character and dry complexity due to the extended rest. Layers of intrigue show hints of orange zest and ripened apple with a crisp wine finish.

Ferme Ta Gueule is available now at the Cameron’s retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Cameron’s Brewing

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