Blood Brothers Brewing Releases Liquid Brunch Series

TORONTO, ON – Blood Brothers Brewing has announced the release of a new trio of beverages under the umbrella name Liquid Brunch.

Psychic Anchor Nitro Cold Brew (0% abv):

A wise man once said “anybody with a terminally jangled lifestyle needs at least one psychic anchor every twenty-four hours, and mine is breakfast.” And we agree 100%. For the first time at Blood Brothers Brewing, in collaboration with Propeller Coffee, we are releasing our take on cold brew coffee and are debuting the first member of our LIQUID BRUNCH family, Psychic Anchor. Made with our favourite roasted Guatemalan beans from Propeller and then nitrogenated for silky creaminess, you’ll never want to have your coffee any other way again.

Half & Half Mimosa Slushie (4% abv):

The second leg of our LIQUID BRUNCH tripod is also another first here at Blood Brothers Brewing: we’ve created our first slushie, a refreshing half sour grape ale, half orange juice puree alliance we call the Half & Half: mornings will never be the same, or be as smooth. This might be a “two mimosa slushie minimum” sort-of-life from here on out. You heard it (and tasted it) here first campers.

PIGGGY Imperial Stout with Bacon & Maple Syrup (11.9% abv):

Not only a celebration of some of the most important things in life, PIGGGY is also a force of nature, unparalleled in this modern life and unasked for, yet immediately recognized as the brilliant hybrid it is. We’ve teamed up with Beast to conceive the ultimate beer in calories, efficiency and taste, creating the third and final member of our LIQUID BRUNCH family. Smokiness? Check. A bit of salt? Also check. A touch of sweet maple wilderness upon the palate from our fair latitudes north? 100%. And all of this with an ABV to wash the cares of the world away. PIGGGY is also the most Canadian brew you will pick up today, hands down.

All three drinks are available now at the Blood Brothers retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Blood Brothers Brewing

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