Blindman Brewing Releases Queen Nectarine Saison and Dry-Hopped Berry Pilsner

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the release of a new fruited saison for International Women’s Day 2022, as well as the latest in its limited edition Foedered Lager series.

Queen Nectarine Saison (6.9% abv):

Queen Nectarine is a work of art. She’s got a prickly, effervescent feel with notes of bright, fresh fruit, apricot, pear, white wine, oak and some white bread with a dry finish that leaves you looking forward to your next sip. The base is a French style Saison, with 130kg of nectarine puree added, then we aged it in a Merlot barrel for two months because we’re weird and fancy like that.

Dry-Hopped Berry Pilsner (5% abv):

Work vs. play. Wild vs. controlled. Thinking vs. feeling. And with this foeder-aged dry-hopped Bohemian Pilsner—we’re going back to the literal source (Plzeň) with this one—the old world and the new world. We’ve added a bit of a modern twist with the addition of some blueberries and a hefty dry-hop. This is the perfect beer for the coming of Spring: oaky and complex enough for the chilly evenings, yet bright and fruity enough for the warm afternoons.

Both beers will be officially released on Thursday March 3rd, and can be pre-ordered now via the Blindman online store. Proceeds from the sales of Queen Nectarine Saison will be donated to the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing

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