Village Brewery Launching New Line of Year-Round Beers

CALGARY, AB – Following the recent rebranding of its core line-up, Village Brewery is continuing its 10th anniversary celebration with the launch of a new line of “exploration-driven” and “buzzworthy” beers.

Described as featuring “beer styles for explorative craft drinkers wrapped in cans that provoke conversation and connection,” the series has debuted with a pair of beers available now.

Binge Watch (4.5% abv):

Binge Watch is a smooth and hazy New Zealand Pale Ale, filled with unique hop varieties that provide grapefruit, pine and white wine flavour notes. Foggy London yeast and hops combine to provide a complex flavour profile and silky mouthfeel.

Misheard Lyric (7% abv):

This juicy New England IPA is packed with ripe mango, guava and sweet citrus flavour and aroma. A super hazy brew with subtle sweetness from Alberta malt that balances a well-rounded hop bitterness.

Following soon will be Next Trip Caribbean stout, Tongue Twister lingonberry Belgian sour, and Zodiac Sign Japanese rice lager.

“The beers in this line are designed for craft drinkers who are ready to get deeper into novel flavours and niche styles,” said Village Brewery Operations Manager Jeremy McLaughlin in a statement. “We’re excited to get really creative, push the boundaries of recipes and ingredients, and see how our fans react to them.”

Binge Watch and Misheard Lyric are available now at the Village Brewery retail store and online shop, and soon at beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photo: Village Brewery

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