Prairie Dog Brewing and XhAle Brew Co. Release Crispy Gurl Cold IPA for International Women’s Day

CALGARY, BCPrairie Dog Brewing and XhAle Brew Co. have announced the release of a new collaboration to mark International Women’s Day.

The collaboration has the following back-story:

This collaboration was born out of vulnerable and intentional conversations. Early in 2021 the struggle was real, motivation was damaged and hope was mild… then a question was asked: “How can I help?“. Every week since Laura (co-founder of Prairie Dog) and Christina (founder/owner of XhAle) check in with each other. Every Monday morning the phone rings: “How is your week? What did you do for your business this week? What goals did you create or check off? How are you taking care of yourself?…How can I help?”

In the first few days of 2022, when that last question was asked, the result was pants being put on and a face to face meeting happening within the hour of the conversation – the Crispy Gurl collaboration was born! A collaboration of smashing barriers to access and creating positive change. A collaboration of mutual intent and support.

The resulting beer is Crispy Gurl Cold IPA (6.8% abv)

Introducing the cold IPA, a new Portland beer style! Half European Lager, half West Coast IPA. Light in colour, crisp in finish, and heavy on flavour/aroma from 2021 Pink Boots Brew Blend hops, but not overly bitter at 50 IBU. Pilsner malt and flaked corn mash, with Krispy Kveik yeast and 5 hop additions, including two generous dry hops. Smells like Swedish Berries, red berries, mandarin, candy mango, touch of spice to keep it interesting, dangerously more-ish.

Crispy Gurl is available now at Prairie Dog and other select locations.

Source: XhAle Brew Co.
Photo: Prairie Dog Brewing

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