Bellwoods Brewery Releases Trio of New Beers

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of “a collab, a Milkshark, and a new low-alc brew.”

Jam King (5.6% abv):

Introducing our first ever collaboration with the folks at Range Brewing down in Australia. Jam King is a mashup of our Jelly King and Range’s JAM, as well as a nod to the beloved Australian candy bar, Cherry Ripe. The interplay of tart cherries, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate provide an exquisitely layered sensory experience, like eating all of the cherry and chocolate bits out of a pint of Cherry Garcia while Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” plays over the speakers. A touch of vanilla — the flavour equivalent of delicious fine grit sandpaper — smoothes out the sharpest tart edges.

Milkshark with Strawberry, Banana & Orange (7% abv):

Our Milkshake IPA with lactose and vanilla returns, this time with a fruit combo sourced from a classic breakfast smoothie: strawberry, banana & orange. Fun fact: the banana in the above photo was commandeered from the fruit bowl of Pam, our Sales Manager. Thank you, Pam!

<0.5% (<0.5% abv):

The near beer that started as a joke a few Dry Januaries ago is back in a new iteration! <0.5% features NAY yeast from Escarpment Labs — a maltose-negative, non-phenolic, non-diastatic yeast developed specifically for brewing beers below 0.5% alc./vol. It’s a “beer” for all those times you don’t feel like drinking a beer and one that harnesses the levity of carbonation and the deliciousness of hops, while leaving out the booze. Looks very much like beer and tastes very much like iced black tea.

All three beers are available at both Bellwoods retail shops and online.

Source & Photos: Bellwoods Brewery

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