Meuse Brewing Releases Chévere Belgian Stout with Coffee and IPA II Canadian-Belgo IPA

SCOTLAND, ON – Meuse Brewing has announced the release of two new limited edition beers.

Chévere Belgian Stout with Coffee (6.5% abv):

Together with Altitude Coffee Roasters we came up the the concept for a Belgian Stout featuring their locally roasted coffee. The beer has been enhanced with their Columbian supremo coffee, aptly named Chévere; which roughly translates to ‘super awesome’. The base beer features rich chocolate and dark fruit flavours as well as a mild roastiness and a creamy mouthfeel. The coffee brings additional layers of chocolate and stone fruit aromas.

IPA II Canadian-Belgo IPA (5.5% abv):

For our second IPA we set out to create a beer using all Canadian ingredients. Our house yeast, which produces phenolics that are so familiar in Belgian ales, gives it the ‘Belgo’ aspect. The base malt is made up of predominantly our homegrown, locally malted, barley, with some Canadian wheat and oats providing additional support. The hops are sourced from Hayhoe hops out of Elgin County. We used their Cascade, Chinook, and Comet during the brewing process and generously dry-hopped with the same. The profile is predominantly floral, with citrus and resinous notes.

Both beers are available now at the Meuse retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Meuse Brewing

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