Sea Change Brewing and Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Release Multiple Entendres and Mixed Multiple Entendres

EDMONTON, AB – Blind Enthusiasm Brewing and Sea Change Brewing have announced a special collaborative release of “two beers produced using identical ingredients, but vastly different processes.”

Multiple Entendres:

Originally released in 2020, the team at Sea Change has re-brewed this fan favourite. This hop-forward Mediterranean lager is a unique marriage of contemporary and old-world brewing techniques. Clean, crisp, and decisively bitter, this unconventional lager combines the timeless flavour of German Pilsner malt with hints of passion fruit, apricot, berries, and peach delivered through a generous dry-hopping of Callista.

Mixed Multiple Entendres:

This Mixed Fermentation Blend was fermented in Italian Moscato Bianco and Chianti barrels for 14 months using a special blend of yeasts and bacteria. The result is bright white wine fruitiness and red wine depth with intense citrus and floral hop character. It has round texture with high acidity, and a juicy finish.

Both beers will be available starting tomorrow (March 25th) at both Sea Change locations, Blind Enthusiasm’s Biera and The Monolith, and via the Blind Enthusiasm online shop.

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