Sawdust City Brewing Releases The Afternoon Light Grisette

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that is “a harbinger of warmer days to come.”

The Afternoon Light Grisette (4% abv):

With a light straw body and a fluffy white head, yeast driven spicy esters are the highlight of this refreshing rustic style of beer. Nobel hops with a touch of Sorachi Ace bring some spicy hop notes, while the wheat and spelt in the malt bill lighten up the brew while still providing enough body to make it interesting. Take a sip of this classic French farmhouse-style ale and transport yourself to a happy place, sitting on a patio, surrounded by blue skies and the warm afternoon light.

The Afternoon Light is available now at the Sawdust City retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Sawdust City Brewing

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