It’s Spring Break Time for CBN

Hi, readers – this is a quick update to let you know that regular posts here on Canadian Beer News will be on hold for the next little while.

CBN is a one-person project, and with the exception of Christmas holidays, that person hasn’t taken a notable break from writing and publishing articles here since a week off in August 2015. Even when I’ve taken time off from my day job, I’ve kept the content flowing here, and while I continue to enjoy it, I’m well overdue for a bit of downtime.

So unless some exceptionally big news breaks that I can’t resist covering, I’ll be taking the next two weeks off, and new posts will start appearing here again on Monday April 18th.

That’s not to say that I’ll be ignoring CBN entirely. With COVID restrictions dropping across the country, a lot of events are returning, so I’ll be working on getting the site’s Beer Festival Calendar as up-to-date and complete as possible. And I’ve got a few things I’ve been meaning to post on the oft-neglected CBN Instagram page, so perhaps I’ll get some of those out of the way as well.

Other than that, I’ll be enjoying having a couple of spare hours each day, and will return after Easter with the extensive coverage of Canada’s beer and brewing scene that Canadian Beer News has been providing for more than a decade. Cheers!

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