Burdock Brewery Releases Cabrosso and Vurt Grape Ales

TORONTO, ON – Burdock Brewery has announced the release of its latest pair of limited edition beer-wine hybrids.

Cabrosso (9.6% abv):

If you forced us to pick a favourite Niagara grape, it would hands-down without a doubt be Cab Franc. It is an undeniable go-to grape with infinite versatility: it can be made into austere ageable blue chip wines, or fresh and chuggable summer bangers. Cabrosso is our celebration of this #1 varietal, and is also the smallest batch of the 2021 Grape Ales, so get it when you can!

Vurt (9.6% abv):

Our first grape ale with Viognier skins! Viognier is a lighter/aromatic white varietal that makes some pretty wines. A lot of people are using viognier in orange wine blends. It’s like a relaxed chardonnay.

Cabrosso and Vurt are both available now at the Burdock retail store and online shop.

Source & Photos: Burdock Brewery

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