Low Life Barrel House Now Open in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB – A brewery and winery dedicated to “incorporating minimalist and ancient techniques to create some of the most unique beers and wines we can dream up” is now open in Winnipeg.

Low Life Barrel House originally debuted in May 2019 as a project brewing out of the Barn Hammer Brewing facility, and is now set up in its own 7500-square-foot space that includes a brewery, taproom, bottle shop, and urban winery. Many of its beers are fermented with Brettanomyces in oak foeders, although a selection of “regular” beer is also available.

The Low Life taproom officially opened yesterday (May 4th) with a tap line-up that includes Small Pale (3.4% abv), House Siason (5.2% abv), Dark Mild (4.4% abv), Dry Hop Sour (5% abv), Vidal Grape Ale (5.7% abv), Cab Grape Ale (5.7% abv), and Brew No. 1 (3.6% abv), plus two piquettes, Red (5% abv) and White (4% abv).

Various non-alcoholic drinks are also on offer, including alcohol-free beer and wine, kombucha, and sparkling water, plus a short food menu of light snacks.

Low Life Barrel House is located at 398 Daly St. N. in Winnipeg, and is open from Wednesday to Sunday. For more details including full business hours, see the Low Life website and Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Low Life Barrel House

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