2 Crows Brewing Releases Terra Maritime Pale Ale with 100% Atlantic Grown Ingredients

HALIFAX, NS – 2 Crows Brewing has announced the release of its second “hyper-local” beer brewed using ingredients sourced exclusively from growers and producers in Atlantic Canada.

Terra Maritime Pale Ale (5.8% abv):

Terra Maritime Pale Ale is generously hopped at multiple stages of the brewing process with Cascade and Chinook varietals grown by Josh Parker and his family at Lakeview Hops in New Brunswick. To balance out the hops and bring body and nuanced layers of malt flavours, Terra incorporates multiple varieties of barley and wheat from two maltsters located on PEI. Island Malt House provides Amber malt for nutty, toasted, biscuit flavours and their toasted wheat contributes golden ruby-red hues. Pilsner and Pale malts are versatile base cereal grains from Shoreline Malting Co. that contribute a great depth of flavour and structure to the beer while their Vienna malt contributes to the colour and adds toasted malt and honey flavours.

Terra Maritime Pale Ale is available now at the 2 Crows taproom and online shop, alongside the previously released 100% local ingredient AC Light Lager. Both beers are also available at select NSLC locations in Nova Scotia, and AC Light Lager will be on the shelves at PEILLC stores on Prince Edward Island this summer.

Source: 2 Crows Brewing
Photo: Grant Chisholm Photography

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