The Second Wedge Brewing Temporarily Closed Due To Storm Damage

UXBRIDGE, ONThe Second Wedge Brewing in Uxbridge, Ontario has announced that the brewery will be closed until further notice due to damage from a heavy storm that passed through the region on Saturday.

Photos posted by the brewery on social media on Saturday afternoon showed that the roof has been torn off the building, with the brewhouse space and bar & taproom area all sustaining extensive damage.

A follow-up post on Monday provided reassurance that no-one was injured, and also included the following details:

So many people have reached out asking how to help. We will welcome a Go Fund Me, but need to first figure out exactly what our insurance will and won’t cover. We will want to make sure that our staff are looked after. We’ll find out more in the coming days as we work through everything with our insurer.

We currently don’t have access to most of our stored beer, or what’s in the tanks, as the building is off limits pending structural inspections. We’ve had a ton of help, from too many people to thank, getting things cleaned up and salvaging things from our office.

Until we sort everything out, we’ve taken our online store down, including gift cards, until we have an idea of when we’ll be able to make good on them. Please see the link in our bio to find out where to buy our beer near you. We intend to keep brewing somewhere offsite while we rebuild. TBD.

Yesterday’s post also encouraged people to assist the musicians who were due to play at the brewery in coming weeks by “buying their work on Bandcamp Fridays or directly from the artists.”

For more details, see The Second Wedge Brewing website and pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Source & Photos: The Second Wedge Brewing

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