XhAle Brew Co. Brings Back I Got Love For You Dry Hopped Peach Wheat Ale

CALGARY, BC – XhAle Brew Co. has announced the return of a seasonal favourite just in time for Pride Month.

I Got Love For You Dry Hopped Peach Wheat Ale (5.5% abv):

You. You’re an original. In billions of people, it’s you. You’ve loved and learned and fought and survived and grown… and you keep going, even when it’s so hard.

So we want you to know: you’re not doing this alone. We’ve got faith in you. And we believe in you. This re-release is inspired by the ones who love us, no matter what.

Our dry hopped peach wheat ale boasts notes of fresh picked peaches, and navel oranges on a summer’s day. Fluffy, dry, and heartwarming. Pairs well with unconditional love, and a cheese platter. (Same same, honestly.)

I Got Love For You will be available soon at select beer retailers and licensees in Alberta.

Source & Photo: XhAle Brew Co.

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