Tab Commerce Launches AI-Driven Sales and Payments Platform for Breweries

TORONTO, ON – A new technology start-up based in Toronto’s Liberty Village has announced the launch of “an intelligent sales and payments platform specifically designed for breweries and restaurants.”

Tab Commerce has been founded by Ty Wilson, a former investment banker with a family history in the hospitality industry, and Sam Unterman, a management and software development expert who has also spent time working in commercial kitchens.

The software offers two main features – an invoicing and payments platform, and an AI-based sales intelligence engine – that are designed to streamline and improve the sales and payment relationships between breweries and licensees:

Our invoicing and payments platform seamlessly solves the expensive issues created from using manual credit card inputs, e-transfers, cheques, and other simple invoicing products. Features include automated accounts receivable, 1-click net 30 term financing, automated ‘e-transfers’, online cheques, lower credit card processing rates and more.

We have built and continue to expand our deep characteristic database of Ontario restaurants with broader demographic and industry-level data layered in. Our AI-based engine actively analyzes a brewery’s transaction data done on our platform to build a dynamic profile of their current and ideal restaurant customer. This profile is then used to provide curated leads of attractive potential restaurant customers based on several characteristics across our datasets. We even provide the data to help the brewery win the restaurant’s business.

The company also stresses that “we take data privacy very seriously, so all transaction and customer data stays within each brewery’s account and is not shared with other breweries using our platform.”

For more details on the platform including features and pricing, or to book a guided demo, see the Tab Commerce website.

Source & Photos: Tab Commerce

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