Strange Fellows Brewing Brings Back Lutin Barrel-Aged Wild Ale

VANCOUVER, BC – Strange Fellows Brewing has announced the return of a limited edition beer brewed in honour of the brewery guardian.

Lutin Barrel-Aged Wild Ale (6% abv):

A word of warning! If you notice a glass of beer lying about the brewery don’t touch it, as it may have been left for the resident Lutin. This gnome-like guardian does odd jobs and keeps an eye on the fermentation overnight in exchange for beer and a warm spot to sleep by the boiler. If upset, he will resort to mischief, hiding tools, or even causing the beer to spoil! So, leave that beer where it is, and enjoy a glass of this wild ale with a new appreciation for all who made it. This dry, tart & bright Saison was aged in white wine barrels with a unique Brettanomyces yeast culture, resulting in a complex beer with flavours reminiscent of white grape, bright fruit, and lemon/lime.

Lutin is available now at the Strange Fellows retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Strange Fellows Brewing

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