Annex Ale Project Brings Back King’s English Black Tea Lemon Pale Ale

CALGARY, AB – Annex Ale Project has announced the return of a popular seasonal ale.

King’s English Black Tea Lemon Pale Ale (4.7% abv):

All year long we hear deafening screams from the unruly thirsty mob. “It’s treason that this beer isn’t made year-long”, they yell. Chased through the streets we seek sanctuary at Two Hills Tea amid bales of black leaf and jars of bergamot. It really forced us to rethink having squandered our undeserved fame and goodwill. No one is above the will of the multitudes. Two Hills Earl Grey Tea, lemon juice, and lactose are unceremoniously dumped into a beautifully balanced and delicate English Ale.

King’s English is available now at the Annex Ale Project retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Annex Ale Project

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