Great Lakes Brewery Releases De La Mimico Belgian Pale Ale, Kveik Creek Farmhouse Ale & Armadillo Crazy Dry Rice Lager

TORONTO, ON – Great Lakes Brewery has announced the release of three new small batch beers.

De La Mimico Belgian Pale Ale (4.9% abv):

Here’s what we were thinking: a beer that reminds us of drinking unique Belgian Pale Ales in the taproom of an excellent brewery in the Molenbeek neighbourhood of Brussels. However, we’re far too busy here in south Etobicoke brewing beers for the endless masses of GLB fans hanging on the very edge of their seats for each new release. Anyways, De La Mimico, we figure, is the next best thing.

Kveik Creek Farmhouse Ale with Real Fruit (4.5% abv):

Kviek Creek pours ruby with a very light pink crown. Cherry aroma is dominant and carries through to the flavour. The berries follow, but finish quickly with the help of a dry, effervescent, and clean finish. Kviek Creek is an exemplary reminder that a well made beer with real fruit doesn’t have to be sweet.

Armadillo Crazy Dry Rice Lager (4.5% abv):

Howdy pardner, why I do say yer lookin’ mighty parched. We’re plum out of sarsaparilly ’round these parts, but we do have this here rice lager. It’s plenty dry with a pleasin’ spicy bitterness and lots of bubble. Should quench your thirst somethin’ fierce. There’s “Dry”, then there’s “Crazy Dry”. Yeehaw!

All three beers are going on sale today at both Great Lakes locations and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Great Lakes Brewery

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